Disney's UE4 Manager
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The UE4 Manager is a software that Walt Disney’s Imagineering team utilizes in order to manage attraction and gaming builds. I partnered with a few developers from the Imagineering team as the Lead UX Designer to redesign the current UI and UX to create a more user friendly experience for users.


To get to know the different users of the product, I conducted interviews with the three persona groups that currently used the systems including the engineers, the artists, tech specialists, and last producers. In each of the interviews I went into product detail about their specific uses and the tools they would utilize the most.


From the persona defining sessions it was learned that engineers spent a lot of time installing builds and deploying them to Unreal Manager.


I learned that artists are the opposite of engineers in that they set build managers once and use Launcher settings more frequently.

Tech Specialists

The persona of tech differed from the first two in that Tech was more focused on deploying for testing. The tech persona uses the manager to sync up to 15 monitors together at one time to engage VR and multi-screen capabilities during testing.


The production persona role differs from the tech persona in that this role is more specific to high-level production testing. Making a tool for this role would involve making the system user friendly for someone who does not frequently use this tool but still allow them to be able to launch a build onto monitors in a DISH facility or through VR.


Designing a tool for highly, technical personas was a challenge, and so the exploration phase was an important time to work with the lead engineer as well as the different user groups to gain perspective and align to the Imagineering style. The current system was in dark mode, which they wished to maintain, so I was able to also explore dark mode for the design system that my UX team utilized, as there was not one currently built out.

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