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Disney's Magical Express


Disney’s Magical Express application is a reservation system that employees utilize to schedule transportation pick-ups and drop-offs to and from the airport and Disney’s Cruise line Ports and Resorts. The reservation system was originally designed back in 2015 and called for a refresh to the user experience.

Design Approach

The approach for the redesign application was to work closely with the stakeholders in a waterfall approach, with frequent syncs with the engineering team to discuss feasibility and potential gaps. The product was only budgeted for a lift and shift to Disney’s Kingswell Design System. There were some solutions that required custom builds so we were able to help create usable patterns for the design system as well.

User Flows

The user first comes into the reservation system and is prompted to search for a customer. When the user searches for a customer they have two things they can do: manage the reservation and mass edit group reservations. When groups come to Disney they sometimes have differing arrival times, so DME would have to account for transportation that reflects the differences all within one group reservation.

Mobile First

One of the most important aspects of redoing the reservation application was to make this more user friendly and responsive. Because the application had some complicated tables and charts required, we started the design process with a mobile first approach.

System Navigation

There were a few means of navigation that were used within the system. First there was the top bar navigation that was to do things like adjust your preferences, log out, and provide feedback. Next there was the navigation once you were within a reservation. That form of navigation was interfaced with a tab system that would allow you to do the three most used stories: Transfers, History, and Luggage. Lastly there was the FAB menu that offered additional reservation actions that weren’t as high level as the history and luggage. These actions were all able to be accessed from a modal that would overlay the screen.

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