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Disney Express Apps

Disney Express Apps

Disney Express Apps are web applications that support the Disney Hub, internal communications and operations system. The Express Apps are four distinct applications that are aimed to streamline digital processes for Disney employees, also known as cast. I partnered with a team of developers and business representatives to consult and lead the design thinking to create patterns across all four platforms.

The Express Apps

Express Checklist

Checklist is a platform aimed to support all operational check-list tasks across The Walt Disney Company.  Operation leaders have the ability now to configure questions with justifications and cast will be able to complete their daily checklist tasks through a digital platform. Modifying this process will save over 10 million sheets of paper per year.

Express Knowledge

Knowledge Base is as a database of articles with informational content created by company-wide operational leads to digitally relay messages to their unique audiences. Operational leads within Disney could create a knowledge base and store important documents and messages to be communicated to the Cast.

Express Survey

With Survey Portal, Disney Cast have the ability to fill out surveys and giveaways digitally through the application.

Express Request

Request Portal is a digital location for Disney Cast to make requests that may be additional from schedules.

Express Checklist

Express Checklist was the largest of the four productivity applications within The Express Apps. By making this a better experience, changing the process of checklists from paper to digital will aim to save over 20,000 reams of paper a day.

Field Studies

Since the users of the express checklist were those who handled operations( attractions, hotels, restaurants etc) I was able to set up field studies to interview the users and see how they conducted their roles. I went to Disney’s contemporary resort at 7am to shadow the pool manager and gain insight into his current process, learning to understand what digital transforms could mean for his team. 

I learned that cast currently conduct daily openings, check ins, and check outs, and closings, and that the whole process was done on paper. This was one small area within the larger ecosystem of Disney that utilized paper for their process. Their current checklist was 5 pages long, and each cast member handling this one role did this a minimum of 3 times a day… that accounted for over 20,000 reams of paper a day. 

User Personas

Express Checklist was determined to have into user groups: admin and cast. The cast would fill out the checklist at the beginning of their shift, at the end of the shift, and during their shift. The checklist would get submitted to the admin who was then able to handle the management of the checklists. Some of their task were granting approvals, overriding checklists, and placing checklists on legal hold.

Cast Prototype

Admin Prototype

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