Hard working, Passionate, Creative

Specializing in Product Design, I’m a strategic leader, solving for the most complex experiences. I’ve had experiences in Ux, Ui, and Ix, which support an all inclusive approach to her process.

I am a strategic product designer, leader, and mentor collaborating with companies around the world to bring to life great experiences by using my ui, ux, and ix skillsets.

At Work

When at work, I seek out the why. I look to understand the in’s and out’s of what I have been asked to design. Since I have a broad skillset, I am able to take on diverse initiatives. I design in low and high fidelity as I define what moves across the screen. I test and iterate on design decisions based on feedback to make successful products.

At Home

When I’m not working, I am either taking care of my dog, Bronny the Shiba, or with my friends and family. I love to keep in touch with people and will sometimes go and visit friends I haven’t seen in years. I love to do outdoorsy things like hike, paddle board, ski, run trails etc. A few side hobbies include traveling and taking pictures.